Yellow Dot Marketing

Yellow Dot Marketing was born out of a simple premise. To connect with and empower service-based businesses to harness the power of email marketing to its full potential. Supporting them to grow and scale their businesses with impact.

Most businesses don’t have the time to invest to understand how to maximise email marketing effectively.

Your zone of genius

Whether it’s a new or established business, it is the tech side of email marketing that so many find challenging. It can be a major barrier to entry, preventing founders from moving forward and taking action effectively. Email marketing is a task that is always on the to-do list, but just doesn’t seem to get done due to lack of time, knowledge or inclination – limiting potential enormously.

Supporting founders with email marketing, frees their ‘wearing every hat’ role and enables them to dedicate more time and energy to their zone of genius. Giving them more time to work with clients, develop new products or services or hit their revenue goals – whilst also being able to attend that yoga class, chauffeur their kids around or kick back with a margarita.

After all, isn’t being your own boss meant to be the best decision you ever made?

Friendly email marketing pro

What others shy away from and feel overwhelmed by Anna revels in. Making Yellow Dot Marketing the friendly email marketing pro, supportive side-kick and all-around ‘get shit done’ support.

Alleviating the pressure and allowing entrepreneurs to feel a sense of relief knowing that this part of the business is taken care of. Empowering them to do more within their business to truly grow, and, more importantly, have more time for LIFE!

A little about Anna

I found myself learning to ride a motorbike on the streets of Saigon at the age of 24…and I’ve been living a life of adventure ever since.

Now the adventure is mostly centred around the two humans I created. Occasionally, I’ll still do something a little bit wild!

When I lived in Saigon, I worked in marketing & events for a few non-profits so I learnt a thing or two about working a marketing budget on a shoe-string!

As the only native English speaker in most teams I worked with, I really started to hone my writing skills – realising I had a unique way with words. Combining the words with my tech know-how and analytical approach, allowed me to communicate and engage with people more effectively.

And my love for email marketing was born!

A little about Anna Norriss
Anna Norriss motorbike

Singapore calling

After 10+ years my little family left Vietnam – I arrived in Saigon with 2 suitcases, a fresh faced 24 year old ready to embrace the adventure. I left a decade later with a 20 foot container, a husband, 2 tiny humans and some amazing memories!

We settled in Singapore just before the pandemic hit. Which basically decimated ALL the industries I’d ever worked in, overnight.

Job prospects were slim so I decided to start my own thing. I quickly realised my email marketing skills were most in demand. Many of my clients just weren’t using the power of email marketing to its full potential.

So that’s how I’m here today. Showing up, supporting service-based businesses with their email marketing. Empowering them to understand the process and guiding them to take their businesses to the next level.

And yes, I’m still riding a motorbike!

Brand values

Providing dedicated support for results-driven solutions to email marketing challenges.

To be the friendly and trusted go-to for clients, allowing them to live life more.

Creating impact

Positively support business owners, allowing them to shine in their zone of genius

Strengthen relationships

Create genuine copy that resonates with an audience to build strong relationships

Converting sales

Provide efficient and strategic support to help nurture contacts into loyal customers

Based in Singapore

Working with clients all over the world