Simplify Your Marketing Workshop

Do you feel marketing is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks?
Anna Norriss Yellow Dot Marketing<br />
Elizabeth Taylor Coaching Marketing Trainer

What if you could streamline your entire marketing process – get clarity, structure and a system that works for your business?

Stop wasting your valuable time and trying all the tips & hacks to make that spaghetti stick!

It’s time to stop guessing and start taking strategic steps towards getting your marketing working harder for you.

You know you have a good offer but…

Your marketing process isn’t structured.
It’s all guesswork and you’re overwhelmed.

You’re labouring over social media only to get a handful of views and likes.

You’re struggling with marketing and nothing brings the sales you need.

You’re overwhelmed and not sure how to fix the situation.

What you need is a more sustainable and efficient marketing system that will reduce the overwhelm, save time and drive results.

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Can you imagine:

Imagine having a marketing plan that works and doesn’t take hours scrolling Instagram for inspiration.
consistently generate leads

…generate leads effortlessly so you can stop relentlessly trying to find new clients all the time.

create a system and sales process

…a sales system that makes selling feel less like a quest and more like a conversation.

…a service that attracts people who value your expertise and not spending hours creating a bespoke offer each time.

…steadily closing the gap between where you are now and where you want your business to be.

Welcome to a world that revolves around doing what you love, with people you like and getting paid for this joy!

Simplify Your Marketing

Maximise Your Results

Unravel the web of marketing complexities and leap towards result-driven success.

If you feel you’ve been caught in the never ending marketing mayhem, hoping something will stick but not generating the sales you need…

Then this one day workshop is exactly what you need!

You will leave with:

Extensive knowledge of your target market and how to engage them

A solid outline of your aligned services to attract the right people

Clarity and confidence around your marketing system

Bid farewell to the chaos of random actions and eliminate the reliance on luck. Instead start marketing more efficiently with confidence.

email marketing audit and strategy

Simplify your Marketing

September 2024
9am – 5pm




Walk away with a newfound clarity on marketing strategies that drive your business toward sustainable success.



Equip yourself with a robust, proven system to attract new customers, engage with them more meaningfully, and convert these interactions into consistent sales.

create a strategy


Build a solid marketing plan for the next 3-6 months, designed to build brand awareness and drive sales  to reach your business goals.

Elizabeth Taylor Marketing Trainer

Here's the struggle...

You know that in order to increase sales and be more intentional with your time you need a better system. 

In the Simplify Your Marketing workshop, that’s precisely what we’ll help you establish!

Say goodbye to the chaos and challenges that have been stressing you out for too long now.

tirelessly seeking clients

Tirelessly Seeking New Clients

Stop the endless struggle to always find new clients. Your strategic marketing plan will ensure you continually appeal to your ideal customers.

ineffective social media

Ineffective Social Media Efforts

Say goodbye to hours scrolling Instagram hoping someone will enquire or purchase. We’ll teach you strategies that work.

low engagement

Low Engagement

Frustrated with low engagement on your emails and website. Learn how to intrigue subscribers and get impressive engagement rates.

constant customisation

Constantly Customising Offers

Avoid the time drain of constantly having to create bespoke offers. Learn how to package your offers to attract your dream clients.

We’re here to guide you from an ad hoc marketing approach to a strategic system that does the heavy lifting for your business.


"Insights that I can put into action immediately..."

“I couldn’t be more happy with the experience. Anna’s program was not just informative, it was absolutely enlightening, so many ‘ah ha’ moments.

Anna was clear and insightful, imparting insights that I can put into action immediately. Anna’s program wasn’t just educational; it was insightful and provided me with a whole new perspective on email marketing, and I am now equipped with a toolbox of techniques and strategies that I can apply to my marketing efforts.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their email marketing skills.

"Well informed and up to date, with easily applicable tips which I know will lead to great results"

“I have now attended and benefitted from two of Elizabeth’s courses. I found both of them utterly invaluable! Elizabeth is well informed and up to date, with easily applicable tips which I know will lead to great results.

She is personable, warm, willing to answer all questions and creates a welcoming learning space, both online and in person. There is an incredible amount of relevant and useful content included in the allocated time and I have come away with lists of tasks to complete!

I would highly recommend Elizabeth’s marketing support for anyone starting out setting up their own company.

A little about Anna Norriss

Why is this workshop different?

Effective marketing is the cornerstone of business success. Yet, so many marketing workshops leave you with more questions than answers. That’s where Simplify Your Marketing breaks the mould.

Immersive In-Person Experience: with our unique approach this isn’t an average lecture-style workshop, you’ll get an immersive, in-person experience, with live, engaging sessions that bring your strategies to life. 

Hands-On Application: Each session is designed to share methods that you can start implementing straight away. Leave with knowledge and an actionable plan.

Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way: With years of training experience under our belts, we will ensure that what you learn is relevant and directly applicable to your business’s unique needs. 

Walk Away With a Clear Plan: Gain a clear roadmap to implement your structured marketing strategies, supervised by experts who have been there and done that.

What’s included…

email marketing audit and strategy

In-person workshop with two marketing Experts (SGD $3,400)


Tailored marketing framework action plan (SGD $600)


Community and networking opportunity (SGD $180)


Exclusive private venue and refreshments through the event (SGD $250)

Total Value = SGD $2,700

SGD $320

Limited spaces available.

(Please note lunch is not included in the price.)

Two Experts

As seasoned marketing professionals, we are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with you in our Simplify Your Marketing workshop.

Through our extensive experience, we’ve been successful in propelling businesses to new heights with structured marketing strategies.

We’re passionate about transforming confusion into clarity and breaking down complex marketing problems into simpler, manageable components.

Witnessing solopreneurs and small businesses grapple with marketing made us realise the pressing need for a comprehensive yet user-friendly approach.

Elizabeth Taylor Marketing Coach and Trainer<br />
Anna Norriss Yellow Dot Marketing Email Marketing and Content Strategy

The amount of content that needs to be created can be overwhelming. The multitude of ‘expert’ advice can be confusing and the absence of a streamlined plan can be unproductive. That’s where we step in. 

We’ve decoded the marketing maze for numerous businesses, and now, we wish to unravel the secrets for you. We want to see you thrive!

The journey to simplify your marketing and maximise your results starts here. Are you ready?

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth is a seasoned professional who is deeply committed to helping professionals at all levels enhance their marketing skills.

With over 25 years of experience in the marketing sector, including reputable companies like Warner Bros and Universal Pictures, she has gained valuable insights into the complexities of digital marketing.

Drawing from her journey of founding and growing her consultancy business, Elizabeth understands firsthand that the world of digital marketing can be overwhelming.

That’s why Elizabeth emphasises the importance of a thoughtful and concise approach to identifying and embracing impactful marketing strategies.

elizabeth taylor
Anna Norriss Yellow Dot Marketing<br />
email marketing strategist

Anna Norriss

Anna is an Email Marketing and Content Strategist with 16+ years of international experience and the founder of Yellow Dot Marketing.

Anna supports service-based businesses in unlocking the true potential of email marketing, helping them grow, succeed and build meaningful connections. 

With a passion for simplifying the complexities of content creation and email marketing, Anna’s efficient approach allows her clients to focus on their key strengths whilst the marketing strategy is taken care of. 

Anna’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs, helping them grow their businesses and find success while also having time for what truly matters.

You have questions…

We have answers!

I don’t really have a marketing plan, can I attend?

Yes absolutely. This workshop is designed to help you create more structure with your marketing. As well as provide the clarity you need to target the right potential customers for a more sustainable marketing strategy.

I haven’t figured out who I should be targeting, can I still attend and start from scratch?

Of course. Sections of the workshop will be dedicated to formulating your customer persona, value proposition and marketing plan. We will walk you through the step-by-step process of each of these processes so you can implement them in your business.

Do you offer a refund?

Due to the live nature of the workshop we don’t issue refunds. Connect with us and we can discuss a way to proceed if you have an issue.

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September 2024

9am - 5pm

The workshop includes:


Tailored Marketing Framework Action Plan


Community and networking opportunity


Exclusive private venue and refreshments


Workshop with two marketing Experts

SGD $320

Limited spaces available.

(Please note lunch is not included in the price)