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Email Marketing Audit Service

Question for you…

What if you could overcome the frustration of email marketing and have more clarity about your email marketing strategy in 2 weeks?

Would that solve all your issues?

Email marketing audit service

In just 2 weeks, the email marketing audit will help clarify your email marketing goals and help you make big changes.

Focus on simplifying your email marketing with a lead generation audit. And provide clear steps you can take to make improvements so you’re no longer overwhelmed.

You would have an expert look at your email marketing system and provide clear action steps to maximise opportunities with your email marketing strategy.

email marketing audit services

If you want email marketing to be able to drive sales in your business…

then keep reading…

lead generation audit

Here’s the problem…

You know for email marketing to be successful you need to understand the process better

Perhaps everyone kept telling you that you needed to start an email list but you’ve got no idea what to do now you have contacts on your list.

Or maybe you’re sending emails but it’s sporadic and you don’t think it’s working.

The email marketing audit service is for you if…

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You started an email list but don’t send emails regularly

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You’re not sure how to grow your list with the right people

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You need to segment your list but you’re not sure how

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You only send emails when you need to sell something to your subscribers

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You’re just not seeing the results you want with your email marketing

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You’re not sure email marketing is even worth the effort anymore!

Can you imagine…

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Clear email marketing objectives

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Improve email consistency

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Nurturing a community of subscribers

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Able to maximise opportunities 


Email Marketing Audit Service

email audit service

If you want clarity on your email marketing objectives then we have something for you…

This email marketing audit looks at your email marketing system – including your sales funnels and lead generation process – to provide clarity on how to grow your email list with your ideal clients.

Here’s what one of our clients said…

Katie Nicholls is the Global Head of Operations for Pavelka a global wellness company 

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“Anna has transformed our email marketing and communications. She has provided us with a much more sophisticated and targeted way of communicating with our audiences. 

Working with Anna has meant that we are able to maximise our budget and be so much more efficient with our time, as our team focus on the things that they are good at.”

What’s included

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Discovery Call

We will talk about your main struggles with email marketing, understand your target market and your email marketing goals.

Review Email Marketing Platform

Check the email marketing platform is set up correctly to maximise deliverability, complies with the legalities and is on-brand.

Email List & Segmentation

Review the mailing list and segmentation to be more targeted – rather than just sending emails to the whole database all the time.

Customer Profile & Offers

Understand your target audience to ensure your offers are aligned. Review the customer journey and email marketing strategy to identify areas of opportunity. 

Lead Magnets & Signup Pages

Complete a lead generation audit to ensure you are enticing your dream clients onto your list. Review all the landing pages and signup forms to check that everything is working correctly

Comprehensive Audit Report & Call

Call to review the Audit Report with suggested improvements you can make yourself and identify future opportunities, to help you reach your email marketing goals.

Areas of expertise

Industry research + knowledge

Technical knowledge of service providers

Lead generator analysis

Customer experience review

Emails and landing pages

Email sequences

Email list segmentation

email marketing set up service

What makes this different?

The Email Marketing Audit is unique because it doesn’t just look at your email marketing as a stand alone activity.

A sales funnel is like a jigsaw, the big picture will only come together when all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

By looking at the business as a whole – target audience, offers, lead generators and goals – we can start to understand where things are working well and identify missed opportunities.

This is not about creating another lead magnet just to get people on your list – it’s about looking at the whole sales funnel to see what aligns best for your company.

The Email Marketing Audit focuses on: 

Increasing engagement and conversions

Reaching a larger audience to increase brand awareness

Nurturing your contacts and driving sales

A little about Anna Norriss

PLEASE NOTE: The 2-week time frame is a guide and depends on availability.

How it works…

 Get your email marketing audit service in three simple steps

Discovery Call

Schedule a discovery call for us to discuss your main struggles with email marketing, target market and your email marketing goals. 

We Work Our Magic

We review your email marketing system and process, with a lead generation audit. We’ll also throw in some fresh content ideas.

Audit Review

We have a call to review the Audit Report and ensure you are clear on the action steps you can implement to improve your email marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for…

Are you ready to identify the missed opportunities and make email marketing work for your business? 

The Email Marketing Audit Service includes:

30 min discovery call

A complete email marketing system review

Review the account set up, mailing list, segmentation, the customer profile, offers and lead magnets to analyse the whole customer journey.

Comprehensive Audit Report

With suggested improvements and future opportunities

30 min call to review audit report

This expert overview with clear action points will allow you to take your email marketing to the next level. 

Valued at SGD $867

Costs SGD $350

email marketing audit and strategy

Did someone say bonuses?

In addition to everything included in the Email Marketing Audit Service, we will give a $100 discount if you sign up for our Done For You service after the audit.

Hello, I’m Anna – an email marketing expert

Nice to meet you! I can’t wait to connect with you so we can banish your frustrations with email marketing. 

I have 15+ years of international experience across a variety of industries. With a career categorised by being one of the only native english speakers in the team, I’ve crafted a way with words. And my love of tech has me setting up sales funnels and automations on the daily.

I’m a planner at heart and I’m always looking months in advance, this skill allows me to map out email marketing strategies and successful launches for my clients.

I’m looking forward to providing clarity on how to maximise your email marketing efforts.

Anna Norriss Yellow Dot Marketing

You have questions…

We have answers!

My list is really small and I haven’t done much with it, is this service still relevant to me?

Yes this service is definitely relevant. It’s really important to ensure that your email marketing platform is set up correctly, so you can grow your list with confidence. Knowing how to grow your list sustainably with the correct people is the only way you will achieve your email marketing goals.

My list is really old and can’t remember the last time I sent an email. Will this service help?

Yes, the email marketing audit will help you. Reviewing your contacts and segmentation is helpful to identify your active subscribers. We can look at the option of a re-engagement campaign and other methods to get your list active and engaged again.

What’s in the report? Will it be easy to make the changes?

The Audit Report is designed to provide you with clear actionable steps to achieve your email marketing goals. It is broken down using a traffic light system so you can take as long as you need to complete the actions. 

🔴 Red actions will be things that need fixing quickly, like broken links for example. 

🟡 Yellow actions will be shorter term projects, like re-writing a welcome sequence to match your current offers. 

🟢 Green actions will be longer term projects, like building a sales funnel for a new service.

My VA manages my email marketing, can they be on the call too?

Yes absolutely, if another team member manages the email marketing system they can also be on the call to learn about the findings in the Audit Report.

Do you need access to my email marketing system? Can you run an audit on any platform?

Yes we access your email platform to review the set up and data. We can audit any email service provider.

Is this email marketing audit going to make me more sales?

That’s the ultimate goal. This is the main goal of any marketing activity. The Audit Report will outline areas for improvement so you can work towards maximising opportunities to target your dream clients and capitalise on missed opportunities.

Anna Norriss Yellow Dot Marketing

Still undecided?

This service is the perfect fit for you, if…

You don’t get much engagement and you’re not seeing the conversions you need from your email marketing. 

You want to reach a larger audience to increase brand awareness and make more sales.

You’ve downloaded a bunch of freebies to help create a lead magnet but no one signs up to your list

Email marketing is just another thing on your to-do list and you don’t know how to make it work for your business

Sign up for the Email Marketing Audit Today!

This service includes:


🟡 30 min discovery call

🟡 Full email marketing audit

🟡 Comprehensive Audit Report

🟡 30 min call to review Audit Report

SGD $847

SGD $350

Get the clarity you need with expert support to make email marketing drive sales in your business.