Email Marketing Set Up Course

From overwhelm to ownership

You know email marketing is great for business…but you don’t know where to start.

Imagine having your email marketing platform all set up and ready to go in just a few hours…let’s get your email list started!

You know you need a marketing strategy that goes beyond the whims of social media algorithms.

Harnessing the power of email marketing will grow your mailing list with people ready to buy your services.

Imagine having your email marketing platform all set up and ready to go in just a few hours.

Are you ready to get your email list started?

Email marketing set up course

Is this you…

no email list

No email list

You know you need an email list but you’re not sure where to start.

no marketing sales funnel

No sales funnel

You don’t fully understand how to create a sales funnel.

email marketing platform confusion

Platform confusion

You’re confused by which email marketing platform to choose.

fear of tech

Fear of the teach

You’re worried that the tech will overwhelm you.

fear of tech

Steep learning curve

You can’t afford to spend hours learning a new marketing system.

fear of tech

Lead generation

You need more than referrals to fuel your business growth.

Let’s redefine what marketing means for your business.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Can you imagine…

Imagine knowing what steps to take to set up your email marketing system without being overwhelmed by the tech.


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Seamless Email Set-Up

Easily design professional-looking emails that align to your brand.

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Lead Generation Process

Entice new leads with an irresistible lead magnet to grow your mailing list.

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Email Welcome Sequence

Nurture those hot leads with a well-written email welcome sequence. 

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Reliable Sales Funnel

Witness your easily replicable sales funnel convert leads to customers.

Previous Testimonials

Possibly the best training I've done...

It’s given me such clarity and confidence to ensure my email marketing hits the mark for what I want to achieve. The content of the course was clear, the downloads are insanely useful, the delivery was fun and engaging, I would highly recommend Anna’s course, and services, to anyone.

Kathy Rougier

Doula & Community Builder

Explained everything very clearly...

I knew nothing about email marketing and was honestly scared to start emailing clients. Anna, was a huge help. She explained everything very clearly and provided a ton of information on lead magnets and email marketing. Overall, this was a great learning experience and I highly recommend it.

Severine Male

Travel Experiences

Easy to be clear, focused on the right thing...

There was not one moment where I felt this isn’t relevant to me and I highly recommend this course to anyone who either gets started with email marketing or wants to bring it to the next level. With Anna’s guidance it is easy to be clear, focused on the right things and thereby get the most out of marketing.

Christine Schedel

Diabetes Coach

Email Marketing Set Up Course

From overwhelm to ownership

Module 1

Email Marketing Platform Set Up

  • Guided videos to set up email platform
  • Update settings to and stay legal
  • Understand all the functions and features
  • Learn to segment subscribers to be targeted

Module 2

All about Lead Magnets

  • Learn why lead magnets are invaluable 
  • Understand how to generate leads
  • Create a business specific lead magnet
  • Jump start the creation with a template

Module 3

Email Welcome Sequences

  • Learn what to include in an email sequence
  • Review effective email layouts 
  • Build an easily replicable sales funnel
  • Use the sequence template to start quickly

The Email Marketing Set Up Course teaches you how to get your email marketing started, from tech set up to a live sales funnel so you can start generating leads.

"Insights that I can put into action immediately..."

“I couldn’t be more happy with the experience. Anna’s program was not just informative, it was absolutely enlightening, so many ‘ah ha’ moments.

Anna was clear and insightful, imparting insights that I can put into action immediately. Anna’s program wasn’t just educational; it was insightful and provided me with a whole new perspective on email marketing, and I am now equipped with a toolbox of techniques and strategies that I can apply to my marketing efforts.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to enhance their email marketing skills.

What makes this Email Set Up Course different?

In a digital landscape cluttered with numerous marketing courses, this Email Set Up Course stands out on multiple fronts:

Comprehensive and easy-to-follow approach: The tutorials are not just a written manual. They are meticulous screen recordings that you can easily follow along with and pause when needed to ensure you fully understand each step. 

Interactive learning journey: With well-placed cues and signposts, there’s little gold nuggets of knowledge in each video so you can learn how to use your email marketing platform efficiently. 

Connect the tech and funnel: This course teaches you to master the technical aspects of the platform AND how to bring your sales funnel to life. You will learn how to start generating leads and how to manage contacts easily.

Generate the right leads: With an integrated approach to tech and the lead generation processes, you will be able to consistently attract the right kind of leads for your business.

This course is a practical, interactive and comprehensive solution to get your email marketing set up in a matter of hours.

A little about Anna Norriss

What’s included…

This course is designed to transition you from email marketing novice to a savvy confident business owner who’s ready connect and grow their business.
email marketing packages DFY service

Step-by-step video tutorials ($420 Value):

Screen-recorded tutorials take you through every click and keystroke, making the tech side of email set up a breeze. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a fully functional email platform set up correctly.


Comprehensive training videos ($480 Value):

Expand your knowledge beyond the basics with training videos that clarify how to seamlessly integrate email into your marketing strategy. Understand what lead generators will be most effective and how to construct a sales funnel that converts.


Valuable templates and swipe files ($320 Value):

Get a jump start with a collection of customisable templates, including a powerful welcome sequence template that engages your new contacts from day one.


Topics list to get you started ($140 Value):

Hit the ground running with a curated list of email topics  designed to hook your readers and keep your email community engaged.

Total Value = $1,360

SGD $197

Hello! I'm Anna.

My mission is to simplify email marketing for you.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with email marketing.

I saw that even when their passion and drive to succeed were strong, the technical aspects of establishing an effective email communication strategy often became a daunting roadblock. It seems business owners just didn’t know where to start.

I decided it was time to change that!

Having worked with email marketing for 15+ years, I know exactly where the challenges lie — starting feels like decoding a complex puzzle.

This course is designed using my wealth of experience in marketing from boot strapping in NGOs and non-profits to running much larger campaigns for higher end companies.

I share with you the shortcuts and my best kept secrets to help you make an impact with your email marekting to help increase revenue.

Anna Norriss Yellow Dot Marketing email marketing strategist

You have questions…

We have answers!

Do I really need email marketing for my business?

Yes! In my humble opinion. Email marketing is amazing, it has the highest rate of conversion of all marketing channels. It is affordable and effective when used correctly. An email list is also a valuable business asset.

I have a small mailing list already, would this course be useful?

Yes, if you are looking to get your email marketing working harder for you, then this course can certainly help you do just that. You will learn how to set up your email service provider correctly, including the lead generation process and automations.

Is it just a Mailerlite set up?

The step by step videos are based on Mailerlite which is a very intuitive platform to set up and manage. The other parts of the course can be used for all email marketing platforms.

I run a product business. Would this course still be relevant?

This might not be the best course for you. Product businesses need to think about other automations and how they link to specific product sales. Many systems, like Shopify for example, have their own in-built automation capabilities. 

Anna Norriss Yellow Dot Marketing

This course is the perfect fit for you if..



You are a service business owner seeking to improve your lead generation process but feeling stuck or unsure where to start.


You want to grow your audience and expand beyond the confines of the social media algorithms.


You recognise the importance of email marketing but need guidance to get it started for your business.


You are ready to take your business communication to the next level and forge lasting connections with your audience.

Ready for your email marketing to be a lead generating machine?

Transform Your Lead Generation

Simplify the technical challenges of email marketing and learn the foundations of lead generation and sales funnels.

This course includes:


Step-by-step email platform set up recordings


Comprehensive training for lead magnets


Valuable templates and swipe files


List of engaging topics for emails 

Total Value: $1,360

Your Investment: SGD $197

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Email Marketing Set Up Course